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We are days away from the biggest footballing event of the year, 2018 FIFA World Cup, and fans cannot contain their excitement. Ever since FIFA World Cup 2018 schedule timetable was announced, loyal football followers have been anticipatedly waiting for the event to kick start on June 14 and continue until July 15, 2018. The 21st edition of FIFA World Cup taking place in Russia will see a participation of 32 nations who have already started arriving with their final 23-man world cup squad. We present to you the 2018 FIFA World Cup match calendar in Indian time to watch your favorite teams slog it out for the biggest prize in world football. The FIFA WC2018 timetable includes the fixtures, venue details, match timings in IST to add to the football madness. You can also download here LỊCH THI ĐẤU WORLDCUP 2018.PDF

Russia, the host nation for the quadrennial event has left no stone unturned in its preparation and is monitored closely by FIFA. India, as we all know closely, follows this mega footballing event and is set to be a major contributor to the TV viewership of FIFA World Cup. Hence, in order to assist the fans be in the know-how of when and where their favourite team is playing, we present to you 2018 FIFA World Cup schedule.

After the long qualification campaign spread over the respective continents, 32 nations have now a chance to lift the famous trophy with the tournament starting on June 14, 2018, and continue until July 15. Panama from the CONCAF federation will make its World Cup debut in Russia while Iceland became the smallest country by population to qualify for the finals.

If we look at some high-profile absentees from the tournament who failed to make the cut, the list includes former champion Italy and names such as Netherland, Ghana, Turkey, USA and Chile who always make the cut but somehow failed this time around. Of the 32 teams that have made it to the finals, 14 are from Europe, 5 are African nations, 4 each from Asia and South America and 3 from North America. The participating nations are divided into eight groups namely A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H.

2018 FIFA World Cup Groups

Group AGroup BGroup CGroup D
Saudi ArabiaPortugalFranceIceland
Group EGroup FGroup GGroup H
Costa RicaSouth KoreaEnglandJapan

A total of 12 venues in Russia have been approved by the FIFA technical committee to hold 65 matches that would be played throughout the tournament. The opening ceremony is set to take place at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow. FIFA has also decided to keep VAR (Video Assistant Referee) technology at the World Cup and in the process marking the 2018 event as the first FIFA competition to use the highly debatable video assistance. Wolf Zabivaka designed by student Ekaterina Bocharova has been chosen as the official mascot of the World Cup 2018.

When Russia won the bid to host the 2018 event back in 2010, it was the first time in its history it had won the right to host a major football tournament. Hence the main theme of the cup is the things Russia is famous for which includes Matryoshkas and folk patter, cosmic outer space explorations as well as the folk motives featuring Firebirds. Let us have a quick glance at the schedule of the 2018 FIFA World Cup with match dates and timings given in Indian Standard Time (IST).

2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Fixtures & Schedule in IST

Sr. No.Date & DayGroupMatchesTimingsVenue
1.June 14, ThursdayARussia vs Saudi Arabia8.30 pm ISTLuzhniki Stadium, Moscow
2.June 15, FridayAEgypt vs Uruguay5.30 pm ISTEkaterinburg Arena,Ekaterinburg
3.June 15, FridayBMorocco vs Iran8.30 pm ISTSaint Petersburg Stadium,Saint Petersburg
4.June 15, FridayBPortugal vs Spain11.30 pm ISTFisht Stadium,Sochi
5.June 16, SaturdayCFrance vs Australia3.30 pm ISTKazan Arena,Kazan
6.June 16, SaturdayDArgentina vs Iceland6.30 pm ISTSpartak Stadium,Moscow
7.June 16, SaturdayCPeru vs Denmark9.30 pm ISTMordovia Arena,Saransk
8.June 17, SundayDCroatia vs Nigeria12.30 am ISTKaliningrad Stadium,Kaliningrad
9.June 17, SundayECosta Rica vs Serbia5.30 pm ISTSamara Arena,Samara
10.June 17, SundayFGermany vs Mexico8.30 pm ISTLuzhniki Stadium,Moscow
11.June 17, SundayEBrazil vs Switzerland11.30 pm ISTRostov Arena,Rostov-On-Don
12.June 18, MondayFSweden vs Korea Republic5.30 pm ISTNizhny Novgorod Stadium,Nizhny Novgorod
13.June 18, MondayGBelgium vs Panama8.30 pm ISTFisht Stadium,Sochi
14.June 18, MondayGTunisia vs England11.30 pm ISTVolgograd Arena,Volgograd
15.June 19, TuesdayHColombia vs Japan5.30 pm ISTMordovia Arena,Saransk
16.June 19, TuesdayHPoland vs Senegal8.30 pm ISTSpartak Stadium,Moscow
17.June 19, TuesdayARussia vs Egypt11.30 pm ISTSaint Petersburg Stadium,Saint Petersburg
18.June 20, WednesdayBPortugal vs Morocco5.30 pm ISTLuzhniki Stadium,Moscow
19.June 20, WednesdayAUruguay vs Saudi Arabia8.30 pm ISTRostov Arena,Rostov-On-Don
20.June 20, WednesdayBIran vs Spain11.30 pm ISTKazan Arena,Kazan
21.June 21, ThursdayCDenmark vs Australia5.30 pm ISTSamara Arena,Samara
22.June 21, ThursdayCFrance vs Peru8.30 pm ISTEkaterinburg Arena,Ekaterinburg
23.June 21, ThursdayDArgentina vs Croatia11.30 pm ISTNizhny Novgorod Stadium,Nizhny Novgorod
24.June 22, FridayEBrazil vs Costa Rica5.30 pm ISTSaint Petersburg Stadium,Saint Petersburg
25.June 22, FridayDNigeria vs Iceland8.30 pm ISTVolgograd Arena,Volgograd
26.June 22, FridayESerbia vs Switzerland11.30 pm ISTKaliningrad Stadium,Kaliningrad
27.June 23, SaturdayGBelgium vs Tunisia5.30 pm ISTSpartak Stadium,Moscow
28.June 23, SaturdayFKorea Republic vs Mexico8.30 pm ISTRostov Arena,Rostov-On-Don
29.June 23, SaturdayFGermany vs Sweden11.30 pm ISTFisht Stadium,Sochi
30.June 24, SundayGEngland vs Panama5.30 pm ISTNizhny Novgorod Stadium,Nizhny Novgorod
31.June 24, SundayHJapan vs Senegal8.30 pm ISTEkaterinburg Arena,Ekaterinburg
32.June 24, SundayHPoland vs Colombia11.30 pm ISTKazan Arena,Kazan
33.June 25, MondayAUruguay vs Russia7.30 pm ISTSamara Arena,Samara
34.June 25, MondayASaudi Arabia vs Egypt7.30 pm ISTVolgograd Arena,Volgograd
35.June 25, MondayBIran vs Portugal11.30 pm ISTMordovia Arena,Saransk
36.June 25, MondayBSpain vs Morocco11.30 pm ISTKaliningrad Stadium,Kaliningrad
37.June 26, TuesdayCDenmark vs France7.30 pm ISTLuzhniki Stadium,Moscow
38.June 26, TuesdayCAustralia vs Peru7.30 pm ISTFisht Stadium,Sochi
39.June 26, TuesdayDNigeria vs Argentina11.30 pm ISTSaint Petersburg Stadium,Saint Petersburg
40.June 26, TuesdayDIceland vs Croatia11.30 pm ISTRostov Arena,Rostov-On-Don
41.June 27, WednesdayFMexico vs Sweden7.30 pm ISTEkaterinburg Arena,Ekaterinburg
42.June 27, WednesdayFKorea Republic vs Germany7.30 pm ISTKazan Arena,Kazan
43.June 27, WednesdayESerbia vs Brazil11.30 pm ISTSpartak Stadium,Moscow
44.June 27, WednesdayESwitzerland vs Costa Rica11.30 pm ISTNizhny Novgorod Stadium,Nizhny Novgorod
45.June 28, ThursdayHJapan vs Poland7.30 pm ISTVolgograd Arena,Volgograd
46.June 28, ThursdayHSenegal vs Colombia7.30 pm ISTSamara Arena,Samara
47.June 28, ThursdayGPanama vs Tunisia11.30 pm ISTMordovia Arena,Saransk
48.June 28, ThursdayGEngland vs Belgium11.30 pm ISTKaliningrad Stadium,Kaliningrad
Time Table of ROUND OF 16 Matches
49.June 30, Saturday1C vs 2D7.30 pm ISTKazan Arena,Kazan
50.June 30, Saturday1A vs 2B11.30 pm ISTFisht Stadium,Sochi
51.July 1, Sunday1B vs 2A7.30 pm ISTLuzhniki Stadium,Moscow
52.July 1, Sunday1D vs 2C11.30 pm ISTNizhny Novgorod Stadium,Nizhny Novgorod
53.July 2, Monday1E vs 2F7.30 pm ISTSamara Arena,Samara
54.July 2, Monday1G vs 2H11.30 pm ISTRostov Arena,Rostov-On-Don
55.July 3, Tuesday1F vs 2E7.30 pm ISTSaint Petersburg Stadium,Saint Petersburg
56.July 3, Tuesday1H vs 2G11.30 pm ISTRostov Arena,Rostov-On-Don
57.July 6, FridayW49 vs W507.30 pm ISTNizhny Novgorod Stadium,Nizhny Novgorod
58.July 6, FridayW53 vs W5411.30 pm ISTKazan Arena,Kazan
59.July 7, SaturdayW55 vs W567.30 pm ISTSamara Arena,Samara
60.July 7, SaturdayW51 vs W5211.30 pm ISTFisht Stadium,Sochi
61.July 10, TuesdayW57 vs W5811.30 pm ISTSaint Petersburg Stadium,Saint Petersburg
62.July 11, WednesdayW59 vs W6011.30 pm ISTLuzhniki Stadium,Moscow
63.July 14, SaturdayL61 vs L627.30 pm ISTSaint Petersburg Stadium,Saint Petersburg
64.July 15, SundayW61 vs W628.30 pm ISTLuzhniki Stadium,Moscow


The tournament commences with Russia taking on Saudi Arabia in Moscow with the home side being firm favourites for the match. Group A will be interesting from a neutral point of view as it looks to be a three-way horse with Uruguay and Egypt in the fray along with Russia to advance. Group B match between Spain and Portugal on 15thJune in Sochi might well decide who tops the group as they both should edge out Morocco and Iran. In Group C, France with the wealth of attacking prowess at its disposal should top the group and it will be down to the encounters between Peru, Australia and Denmark to decide who follows France into the knockout phase.

Lionel Messi will lead his Argentinian side knowing well this might be his last shot at the cup and the Group D clash between Argentina and Croatia on June 21 in Nizhny Novgorod will be the telling clash. For Iceland and Nigeria, the writing seems to be on the wall and their fans should not expect much. Defending champions Germany start their title defense against Mexico in Moscow on the 17th of June.

The Germans have Mexico, South Korea and giant killers Sweden for company in Group F. For Brazil, the availability of Neymar is a matter of grave concern following his ankle surgery. The South American giants open their campaign against Switzerland in Rostov-On-Don on June 17, 2018. European heavyweights Belgium and England are clubbed in Group G along with Tunisia and debutants Panama. The two nations will clash on June 28 in Kaliningrad in a match that will decide the course of the group. Group H is the group of unpredictable teams with Japan, Poland, Senegal and Colombia. Each one on its day is capable of beating the other and hence their matches will be extra special.

The fans too are gearing up for the mega event with large volumes of tickets being sold each day. While World Cup football has been criticized in the past for defensive displays by teams, just the visual treat on offer for the travelling fans makes it more than a tournament- a festival. Get ready for the most extravagant event of the year – 2018 FIFA World Cup!